Changing servers, domain or installation path

Reissue your license

If you'd like to change your domain name, installation path or if you're going to change your hosting provider, your first step is to reissue the license. This basically prepares the software to accept the new domain, installation path or server IP and update your license with them. If you don't follow this step, your license details won't match your new location and you'll get an error. You may reissue the license in the client area by clicking on your license and then on the "reissue" button. Once reissued, it will say "reissued" next to "status".

Move files and database

Your next is to move the software files to the new location. If you're changing servers, you will need to copy your database to the new server as well.

Update configuration file

After all files have been moved, you need to update your configuration file. Open "application/config.php" file and update your domain name (if you changed it) and database details (if they changed).

Update file storage settings

At this point, you should be able to access the software at the new location and login to the control panel. If you can't, revisit the steps above as you may have missed something. If you can access the control panel, navigate to "system => configuration => storages" page and check/update the path to your "uploads" folder.