File structure

This file contains meta tag keywords for your plugin. It does not contain the actual meta tags (those are stored in language files).

$metatags = array(

Meta tags are saved into the "core_meta_tags" table in the database.

Setting meta tags

You may set meta tags like this:

// 'articles' is the name of the plugin
// 'articles_index' is the meta tag keyword
$this->metatags_model->set('articles', 'articles_index');

// system will use 'title' keyword to replace [title] tag in the meta tag with the one you specified
$this->metatags_model->set('articles', 'articles_view', array('title' => 'Example article'));

Language file

Language file "languages/english.php" will contain code like this:

$meta_tags = array(
	'articles_index' => array( // meta tag keyword
		'name' => "Browse articles", // meta tag name
		'meta_title' => "Browse articles", // title meta tag
		'meta_description' => "Browse articles.", // description meta tag
		'meta_keywords' => "articles" // keywords meta tag
	'articles_user' => array(
		'name' => 'User articles',
		'meta_title' => "[] - Articles",
		'meta_description' => "Browse []'s articles.",
		'meta_keywords' => "articles"
	'articles_view' => array(
		'name' => 'View article',
		'meta_title' => "[] - View article - [article.data_title]",
		'meta_description' => "[article.data_title]",
		'meta_keywords' => "articles"