Application framework

Our software uses a custom MVC type of framework built with PHP 5 specifically for it. This ensures optimal performance without unnecessary overhead of other popular frameworks. Its rich functionality along with a simple interface and logical structure make development fast by minimizing the amount of code needed for a given task.

Model, View, Controller

MVC is an approach to separating your code depending on what role it plays in your application. In the application flow it starts with a controller that is loaded. That controller executes a method which retrieves data using models. Once it is done the controller decides what view to load, which contains the output your visitors get to see.

Development mode

Before you start customizing the software, make sure to enable "development mode" setting in the control panel under "system - settings". This will ensure that system does not use cached data so your changes are seen right away. Also edit "index.php" file and set "ENVIRONMENT" constant to "development". This will ensure that system displays errors if any occur so you could easily spot and fix any issues you may come across. Do not leave development mode enabled on a live site as it will slow it down considerably.

Development installations

You are allowed to install additional copies of the software for development purposes on your local computer. Make sure that you access files using localhost as your domain name, for example http://localhost/site The IP of your local computer must be which is normally the case by default.

You may also install additional copy of the software in the "test" folder of your live domain. For example if your live domain is http://www.mysite.com you may install development copy at http://www.mysite.com/test If you do that, update your "application/config.php" file in the test installation and add the following code:

$config['cookie_prefix'] = 'test_';

The above will make sure that login sessions are not shared between the 2 installation.