User types

Manage user types

This page allows you to create multiple user types with different profile questions. For example if your website targets individuals and companies or agencies, you may want to display different profile questions to them. This is exactly what user types page allows you to do. By creating multiple user types, you may display different questions based on the user type selection.

Edit type

This page allows you to enter basic details for your user types.

Name is what will be displays across the site, for example when user registers or goes to a search page. If there's only one user type in your system, it won't be displayed.

Name (search) is optional and can be filled in if you would like to display a different name for your user type on the search form than on the registration form.

Keyword is used by the system to manage your user type. It's not displayed anywhere. You must use only letters and underscores when filling it in.

Assign to group allows you to specify what user group users will be assigned to after they complete the registration process.

Name fields allow you to select what profile questions should be used to display user's name across the site. For example if you have first/last names profile questions that user fills in during registration, you may select them here and system will display user's first/last names in their profile and other places of the site. If you choose only first name in the first drop down box, it will display just that without the last name. If you leave both fields empty, system will display user's username instead.

Show on registration page allows you to either show or hide this profile type during registration.

Sign up welcome email allows you to select a different email you would like to send to this particular user type upon joining your site. You must create new email templates for the Users plugin to be able to select them here.

Trial subscription allows you to set up new users of this type with a subscription of your choice, this option is available only if you have billing plugin installed.

Bonus credits allows you to give new users of this type bonus credits upon sign up, this option is available only if you have billing plugin installed.

Profile questions

Click on profile questions either when managing or editing user types to manage profile questions for selected user type.