User groups

Manage user groups

User groups provide certain users with more privileges or limits than others. For example you may allow certain user groups to be able to upload more pictures, or send more messages, or grant them access to various features.

By default software comes with several user groups:


Users of this group will be able to use the control panel and manage your website. This is the group your admin user is assigned to by default.

Regular users

Users are automatically assigned to this group upon registration.

Paid users

If user decides to purchase a membership on your site, they will be assigned to this user group. You may create as many new groups as you like to provide different levels of privileges for your paying users. For example you may create bronze, silver and gold user groups.

Cancelled users

If user chooses to cancel their account, they will be placed in this group. Users of this group cannot login to your site.


This user group represents unregistered users, those who visit your site but are not logged in.

Modifying user group privileges

To modify user group permissions click on "permissions" link on the "user groups" page and select a plugin you'd like to modify permissions for. You may also select multiple groups to edit permissions for. Certain permissions don't apply to non-logged in users and as such you will see a red cross instead. For example users in the "Guests" group are unregistered (not logged in) and thus cannot create albums as shown on the screenshot below.