Facebook integration

Facebook authentication method

Please note that in order to be able to use Facebook login feature, your site must have SSL certificate installed and enabled. Your site must be accessible via https instead of the non-secure http protocol.

In order for your site to communicate with Facebook, you will need to create a Facebook application. You may do so at the following URL:


When asked to select a platform, click on "basic setup" link at the bottom.

Once created, click on the "Add product" icon and then on the "Set up" button in the "Facebook Login" box.

Select "Web", type in your full website's URL and hit the "Save" button.

Switch to the "Settings" page under the newly created "Facebook Login" link right below the "Products" heading. Set the Client OAuth settings as seen on the screenshot below and fill in the "Redirect URIs" text box with 2 URIs similar to these:

  1. https://www.mysite.com/users/connect/confirm/facebook/signup
  2. https://www.mysite.com/users/connect/confirm/facebook/login

Of course, you need to replace "mysite.com" with your own domain name.

Navigate to the settings page under the "Settings" menu in the top-left corner. Make a note of App ID and App Secret values. Make sure to fill in App domains and Site URL with your site's URL as seen on the screenshot below.

Make application available to general public by clicking on the App Review link on the left side.

Linking to your site

Once you've created your Facebook application, login to your site's control panel and navigate to "users - authentication - facebook" and fill in your App ID and App Secret values from your newly created application.