Censor words

Censor words

This page allows you to specify different words you would like to censor when users exchange messages.

Adding new words

Click on "new word" to censor a new word.

System supports wild cards such as * and ? which you may use to match different variations of words. For example "admin*" (without quotes) will match admin, admins, administrators, etc.

You may also use PHP regular expressions by surrounding the pattern with the / characters. For example /@\s*[\w\-]+\s*\.\s*\w+/ will match email domain names and remove them and /\w+\s*@\s*[\w\-]+\s*\.\s*\w+/ will match entire email address and remove it. You must not add any characters after the trailing / character.

Note that your own content will not be censored for you! This means that you need to test censoring feature with someone else's profile and then view it with your own or log out and then view it. This is done so that spammers wouldn't know that their content is censored and wouldn't try to enter various text patterns to avoid censoring feature.