Geolocation services

This page allows you to manage geolocation services that allow the software to detect user's location based on the IP address.

You may install and enable several geolocation services at the same time which will be executed in the order of priority, starting from the highest to lowest. If the first geolocation service is unable to detect user's location, system will move on to the second one, and so on.

After you enable one of the geolocation services, you may enable the search by distance feature by editing the location profile question and setting the "search options" setting to "search by distance".

Upload geolocation libraries

If you haven't uploaded your geolocation library files yet, you may upload them to the "application/libraries/geolocation" folder on your server.

For example if your geolocation library comes with "maxmind" folder and "maxmind.php" file, after uploading them you should have "application/libraries/geolocation/maxmind.php" file and "application/libraries/geolocation/maxmind" folder present and you should also see it in control panel. If you don't see it, it means you did not upload it correctly.

Geolocation service configuration

See below for instructions on how to enable integration with the following services:

Testing services

You may click on "Test IP address" link in the top right corner to be able to check if geolocation services you enabled are working correctly. Each service will be executed and results displayed.