Manage settings

This page allows you to edit plugin settings.


Enable messages

Enable message plugin.

Conversations per page

Number of conversations in user's profile.

Messages per page

Number of messages in user's profile.

Messages order

You may change how new messages are displayed, either from top to bottom or from bottom to top.

Minimum characters

Minimum number of characters required to send a message.

Check for duplicates

Compare new message similarity to the specified number of latest messages. This is helpful to prevent users from sending duplicate or very similar messages which is very common with spammers. Set 0 to disable. Note that this setting does not apply to administrators.

Duplicates match percentage

If new message is higher in similarity to latest messages than specified match percentage in this setting, then user won't be able to send it.

Enable message templates

User can select from a list of pre-written message templates when sending their first message.

Enable emoticons

Replace text shortcuts with emoticon images (smileys).

Censor messages

Remove censored words from messages, only if related user group's permission is also enabled.

Enable notifications

System will send users an email or push notification when someone sends them a private message. Number of notifications can be limited with the notifications delay setting.