Membership plans

Manage membership plans

This page allows you to create paid membership plans for your users to purchase. You may create as many plans as you like with different terms and pricing.

Create membership plan

To create a new plan, click on "new plan" link at the top.

Keyword is used by some payment gateways in order to link membership plans on your site to those in the payment gateway. It's not displayed anywhere. You must use only letters and underscores when filling it in. For example if your plan is called "gold membership" you may set its keyword to "gold".

Pricing options allow you to create different pricing points for different terms. For example, you may offer a month long subscription for $9.95, and a year long subscription for $99.95

If you choose recurring payments setting, users will be charged automatically upon renewal. Please note that some payment gateways may have restrictions on the recurring billing terms. For example, payment gateway may support "monthly" and "yearly" billing cycles, but not "daily" and "weekly", so be sure to check with them to ensure they support it.

The one time payments setting does not have any restrictions. If you choose this option system will automatically remind users about the upcoming renewals and prompt them to make a payment.

Bonus credits can be offered as well to entice your users to make the purchase.

User group setting allows you to specify what group user will be assigned to after the payment. You may create multiple user groups with various permissions and limits to match your membership plans if necessary.

You may also check off user groups and types you would like to hide this membership plan from. Thus you may have different plans for different user groups and/or types.