Newsletters plugin

  • Compose newsletters

    Compose and send unlimited newsletters to your users. Friendly WYSIWYG editor allows effortless newsletter editing right in the control panel.

  • Plain text newsletters

    You have the option to compose plain text newsletters in addition to rich HTML ones to ensure cross-platform compatibility.

  • Test newsletters

    Sent yourself a test copy of the newsletter to review it and make sure everything is correct before you send it out to your users.

  • Multiple recipient filters

    Select from a variety of filters such as user group, account status, location, gender, interests, etc when sending newsletters.

  • Your users may opt-in to receive newsletters so you can choose if you would like to send newsletters only to subscribers or everyone.

  • Pause and resume

    When sending newsletters to a large number of users, you can pause it at any time in case your hosting provider has limits and resume it later.