PushBots push notifications

The PushBots push notification service offers a free and paid plans. To enable it, you must first create an account with them. Once created and logged in, create a new app that will be used by your website to manage subscribers and send push notifications. Make sure to select "web" platform.

Platform type

You will be asked if you would like to integrate SDK, make sure to select this option.

Integrate SDK

After you enter your website's URL you will be asked to download SDK files.

Download SDK files

Download the package, unpack it and upload the files to your site in the same folder where your current software files are located, it should look like this:

Upload SDK files

While still on the same page where you just downloaded the files from, scroll below for the following code:

App ID

What you need from there is the "app_id" value which is displayed in double quotes. Copy it (do not copy double quotes) and paste it in the software control panel into the "Application ID" text box on the PushBots configuration page. You may fill in a random value into the "Application secret" for text box for now (we'll update it later). Save the changes and hit "next" on the PushBots page. You should now see a verification screen waiting for you to test the service.

Verify API

You may do so by going to your site and if everything was done correctly, you should see a subscription notification prompt. Accept it in order to complete this verification and you should see the successful result back on the PushBots page.


You may now hit the "send test push" button to test it and then "finish" to complete the setup. The last step is to copy your "application secret" key to PushBots configuration page in the software control panel. You may find it by going to your app's "keys" page as shown below.

App keys

Copy the "application secret" from that page and insert it in the software control panel on the PushBots configuration page.