Manage settings

This page allows you to edit plugin settings.


Enable music

Enable music plugin.

User songs per page

Number of songs in user's profile.

Enable public page

Show all songs in one place.

Public songs per page

Number of songs on the public songs page.

Maximum public songs

Maximum number of songs to display on a public page.

Infinite scrolling

System will automatically load and display songs as user scrolls down to the bottom of the page. If disabled system will display traditional page links.

Song rating

Enable either "likes" for songs, or "star" rating from 1 to 5, or disable it completely.

Count song plays

Count number of times song was played.

Allowed file extensions

List of comma separated file extensions allowed for uploading.

Max song size

Maximum song file size in megabytes.

File upload limit

Number of songs user can upload at a time.

Enable social sharing

Show predefined social sharing buttons such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. You may enter code for such buttons on the system settings page.


Enable comments

Comments for songs.

Enable comments privacy

User can specify who can comment on their songs.


Enable song privacy

Privacy options when posting songs.

Enable public privacy

User can specify if they want to include their songs on a public page.