Manage invoices

This page allows you to see paid and refunded invoices. The search filter at the top of the page allows you to quickly find specific invoices by user's email, username or product name. Clicking on the table header links, such as "price" or "invoice date" will sort transactions by that column.

Invoices marked as "temporary" will be automatically deleted after some time. They're generated by the system whenever someone is about to make a purchase but does not complete the payment. You may add a payment to the temporary invoices manually if you prefer or mark them as "paid" without receiving any payment.

When creating invoices manually, they will not be linked to any products. So, for example, if you would like to bill someone for the membership, you would need to log in to their account, select desired membership plan so that the invoice is generated, log out from their account and apply the payment to the generated invoice manually in the control panel (note that you would need to search for "temporary" invoices to see it).

You may click on "details" link to see details of any particular invoice, including any related transactions.

You may click on "refund" if paid invoice has been refunded and you would like to add related transaction record to reflect it. Note that at this time software will not actually process a refund in your payment gateway for you, it will only make a record in its own database. You still have to process a refund in your payment gateway's account manually.