Manage leads

The "leads" page allows you to browse users who were referred and joined your site by your affiliates. The search filter at the top of the page allows you to quickly sort through leads using various parameters.

All new leads are subject to being cleared before affiliate gets a commission. This clearance duration can be changed on the affiliates settings page. If user's account is cancelled, inactive, unverified or missing at the time when related lead is cleared it will be set as "cancelled" and affiliate will not get a commission for it.

If you manually delete a user who was referred by your affiliate system will delete their lead as well. Please note that affiliate's balance will not be affected regardless if the lead has already cleared or not.

View lead

You may view lead details by clicking on it.

If lead is not cleared you will have the option to clear it manually right away by clicking on the appropriate button. Once cleared affiliate will get commission added to their balance. You also have the option to cancel leads. If you cancel a lead that has already been cleared, user's balance will be reduced by the amount of the commission for this lead (or if their balance is less than the amount of the commission it will be set to zero). If you cancel pending lead affiliate's balance will remain unchanged (since they did not yet get commission for uncleared leads). If you want to make changes to the lead without affecting user's balance you may click on "edit" link instead and make necessary changes.