• An error occurred if the privacy setting was disabled in the control panel.


  • Setting picture or album as unlisted triggered an error.


  • Small performance related updates in the database.


  • File uploading was improved.
  • Icons and all default images were updated to SVG format.


  • All existing image thumbnails can be updated in case of default dimensions or watermark changes.


  • Pictures can be searched by featured status in the control panel.
  • Timeline didn't show the number of pictures uploaded correctly if albums were disabled.
  • Images are now displayed using "img" tag rather than CSS for better SEO.


  • Added support for email notifications for album and picture likes and comments.


  • Added support for automatic sitemap generation.
  • Featured pictures now display a featured icon over them.
  • Pictures can be set as featured in the control panel even if albums are disabled.
  • Declining or deleting pictures could have affected profile pictures status in some cases.


  • Individual pictures can be featured if albums are disabled.
  • Description custom field can be set to have more than 255 characters.
  • Description field could not be edited before due to being marked as system.
  • Album cover picture showed up as declined when pending approval.
  • Pictures from unlisted albums showed up on the public pictures page.


  • Handling of ratings and likes has been improved.
  • Verification status does not change if no changes are made when editing pictures or albums.
  • All pictures on the site can be displayed on one page (similarly to picture albums).


  • Pictures containing adult content can be marked as such.
  • Picture albums can be set as unlisted and won't be shown in user's profile.
  • Picture approval status is displayed.
  • Upload button didn't work in some cases.
  • Error fixed when creating default albums if album setting was disabled.


  • Watermarks can be added to uploaded pictures.
  • Infinite scrolling added for albums and pictures.
  • Support for social sharing buttons added.
  • Statistics added in the control panel.
  • System displayed pictures from all plugins on the main pictures page if albums were disabled.
  • Privacy settings didn't update for the picture in the control panel if albums were disabled.


  • Administrator may feature selected picture albums on the homepage.
  • Option to search picture by user's name, username or email.
  • Pictures require approval after editing if related setting is enabled.
  • Picture privacy settings can be edited in the control panel if albums are disabled.
  • Likes for picture albums didn't translate correctly on the notifications page.
  • Like didn't work for new pictures displayed on the timeline.
  • Performance of picture albums improved.


  • Pictures are no longer blurry in Internet explorer.
  • Error reporting improved.


  • Mobile view of templates has been improved.


  • Mobile view of templates has been improved.


  • Updates made to compliment the new developer documentation.


  • Updates made to work with the latest version of the software.
  • Names of hooks standardized across the plugin.


  • Improved picture uploading.


  • Minimum image dimensions are verified to prevent uploading of extra small images.


  • Option to allow users upload pictures without having to create albums first.


  • Plugin updated to support responsive template and mobile devices.
  • User was shown a 404 error when browsing albums if picture was not active.
  • Inactive pictures showed up on the timeline.


  • Picture likes now show up in user notifications area.


  • Helper file was updated to display new pictures and albums.
  • Plugin was updated to support the new 1.0.8 software release.


  • Improved pictures functionality and minor enhancements.


  • Progress bar added when uploading files.
  • Users can upload multiple pictures at a time.
  • Added maximum dimensions setting for uploaded pictures.
  • Pictures can be resized and rotated.


  • User could select more pictures than allowed during the initial file upload.
  • Navigation items were not removed properly when plugin was disabled.


  • Initial release.