• CCBill recurring payment issue fixed.


  • The option for the Flexform is added into CCBill Payment Gateway along with the option to turn it on and off from the Admin control panel.


  • Administrator can now create invoices manually.
  • Unpaid invoices are deleted automatically.
  • Option to disable Amex in Helcim gateway.
  • Option to search for invoices with and without coupons.
  • Subscription expiration date didn't display correctly in the control panel.


  • Updated Authorized.Net and Stripe integrations.
  • Support for new payment gateways added including Helcim, Mollie, AliPay, GiroPay, iDEAL and MultiBanco.
  • Billing address can be set as optional and hidden if they payment gateway doesn't require it.
  • New option to hide payment gateways on the checkout page without disabling them.
  • Email notifications of new payments can now be sent to administrators.
  • Option to manually email copies of invoices to users.
  • Expiration reminders would sometimes be sent even if disabled.
  • Year didn't display in the control panel when editing subscriptions which expired in the previous years.


  • Small database updates for improved performance.


  • Membership pricing structure was updated for easier management.
  • Administrator can create coupons and offer discounts.
  • Added support for PayFast payment gateway.
  • Different trial durations can now be set for different user types.
  • Some subscriptions were not deleted when doing batch delete in the control panel.
  • Users can no longer purchase memberships as gifts for those users who already have one.
  • Bonus credits were not applied during after registration for some users.
  • Icons were updated to SVG format.


  • Membership plans could not be visible in certain cases if downgrading.


  • Invoices can be searched by status.
  • Incorrect price was shown when purchasing memberships as a gift while having an active paid membership.
  • Sending credits permission can be enabled or disable on a user group level.


  • Users can now send virtual credits to others.
  • Subscription and virtual credit gifts settings were moved to user group permissions.
  • Notification email is now sent to the recipients of gift subscriptions.
  • Expiration reminders can be sent multiple times at different intervals.
  • Stripe integration updated for the latest API.
  • Trial subscription ID was missing during registration.
  • Past year didn't display correctly in the drop down box for expired subscriptions.
  • Recurring subscriptions were not cancelled properly for Stripe gateway if user cancelled their account.
  • Bonus credits sometimes weren't applied when purchasing subscriptions.


  • Trial plan ID was not properly set during the sign up during certain conditions.


  • Users can purchase premium membership plans and credits for others as gifts.
  • Offer trial subscription to selected user types upon sign up.
  • Free bonus credits can be given to select user types upon sign up.
  • Option to give credits to users when purchasing membership plans.


  • Updates made to work with the latest software version.


  • Subscriptions are cancelled automatically if users cancel their account.


  • Setting to disable prorated pricing during membership plan changes.
  • User group is updated when subscription is purchased.
  • Subscription name didn't change if language was switched.


  • User groups are now updated along with subscription when purchased.


  • CCBill payment gateway added.
  • New search options added to manage subscriptions page in the control panel.
  • Users couldn't login if payment required setting is enabled.


  • All included payment gateways now support recurring payments.
  • System will cancel subscriptions in payment gateways automatically if user decides to cancel them.
  • Subscriptions are cancelled on the site if user cancels them in the payment gateway.
  • Subscription pricing is prorated if user changes their current subscription package to a different one.
  • Payment receipts are emailed after payments.
  • Administrator can edit subscriptions in the control panel and create new ones manually.
  • Users can logout if administrator requires payment from users to use the site.


  • New payment gateways added including, and
  • PayPal updated with support for recurring billing.
  • Payments can be tracked for third party analytics.
  • User subscriptions reworked for easier management.


  • Error fixed in extending expiration date upon renewal.


  • Transactions are now grouped into invoices.
  • Statistics added in the control panel.
  • Error occurred at times when deleting transactions.
  • Old user group ID was updated incorrectly in the database for renewals.


  • Membership processing fixed up.


  • Caching of various items improved.


  • Increased maximum number of characters in subscription plans description.
  • Added WYSIWYG editor for subscription plans description.
  • Error reporting improved.


  • Incorrect total amount in PayPal due to tax charged automatically in some countries.


  • Updates made to compliment the new developer documentation.


  • Added log manager to view transaction logs.
  • Updates made to work with the latest version of the software.
  • Names of hooks standardized across the plugin.


  • Option to hide selected membership plans and virtual credit packages from certain user groups and types.


  • Membership renewal reminders and paid membership expiration emails are now sent automatically.


  • Plugin updated to support responsive template and mobile devices.


  • New setting to offer bonus credits at sign up.
  • New user permission to allow or disallow purchasing subscription plans.
  • PayPal payment notifications some times did not work.
  • Inactive membership plans showed up on the site.


  • Inactive membership plans showed up on the website.
  • Plugin was updated to support the new 1.0.8 software release.


  • Improved plugin functionality and minor enhancements.


  • Added support for virtual credits.


  • Initial release.