New version 1.2.8 release announcement

SocialScript v1.2.8 has been released and is now available for you to download in the client area.

Some the notable feature highlights:

  • Introduction of coupons.
  • PayFast payment gateway support.
  • Different trial duration for different user types.
  • All new SVG icons and images for better responsiveness and mobile support.
  • Automatic compression of images right after uploading.
  • ShortPixel image compression service support.
  • Automatic scrolling of the tables in the control panel for mobile devices.
  • And much more!

See change log for full details.

If you're an existing client, you may grab new files in the client area. Be sure to upload new software and plugin files before running the update wizard.

Important note for existing clients

If you're doing an update of your site, make sure to delete existing files in the following folders before uploading new ones:

  • assets
  • templates/your_template/css/externals
  • templates/your_template/css/plugins

Furthermore, if you offer premium memberships to your users, make sure to go through your existing membership plans and check the pricing terms. New version allows you to specify various pricing points for each membership plan instead of creating multiple plans just to have a different price point.

Also, note that automation command needs by run by cron "once every minute" instead of "once a day" from now on so don't forget to update that too.

A closer look

Icons and images look sharp regardless of the device and zoom level.

Offer coupons to entice users to upgrade or make a purchase on your website. Create as many coupons as you wish.

Create various billing terms the same membership plans instead of creating multiple plans with different billing terms as before.

Improved checkout process along with security seals and badges, and PayFast gateway support.

Images can be automatically optimized and compressed on the fly right after uploading for faster performance and less data storage usage.

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Thank you for choosing SocialScript.